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With over 30 years of experience within the haulage industry, BSB Transport are leading experts within the field. The 30 vehicle modern fleet consists of a mixture of Mercedes Benz and Volvos, and the entire fleet has recently been upgraded to Euro 6 technology. This is following the transition of a customer (GTS SpA) towards a more sustainable future. The recent enhancement means that BSB Transport are able to offer an economical service, producing the lowest possible fuel emissions and reducing the environmental impact.

Here at BSB Transport, great first impressions are extremely important. The fleet is always maintained to the highest standards – the new vehicle wash facility at the Stallingborough depot definitely comes in handy for this! All of the vehicles are regularly checked to ensure they are in the best working condition, and their condition is recorded both before and after each job.

BSB Transport also offer a multi-drop service in order to help make the service that little bit more economical for customers. As the majority of BSB Transport’s work is based around the Port of Immingham, the focus is on sending lorries out loaded and back loaded. Not only does this save time and effort, it also helps to reduce fuel consumption. BSB Transport aim to be as efficient as possible!

BSB Transport also use the latest technology within the modern fleet. All vehicles and trailers are fitted with live tracking devices so their exact location can be identified. Forward-facing cameras are also installed within the trucks, which continually record. These not only help the drivers to drive safely, but they also record events – triggered by sudden movements. You can rest assured your cargo will safe, secure and delivered on time.

Each truck is plated to carry a gross weight of 44 tonnes, which allows for a wide variety of cargo to be transported, including heavy and wide loads. Regular maintenance work and services are carried out on the fleet to guarantee the trailers are in full working order and to minimise the risk of a breakdown and delayed delivery.

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