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BSB Transport have over 30 years of experience within the haulage industry, and have an extensive modern fleet of 30 vehicles, consisting of Mercedes Benz and Volvos. The entire articulated fleet is built with Euro 6 technology, producing the very lowest emissions possible. The focus here at BSB Transport is to reduce the environmental impact, working towards a more sustainable future.

BSB Transport are one of the only haulage companies in North East Lincolnshire to offer a combined container and flatbed vehicle service. BSB Transport provide a complete haulage service across both the UK and internationally. With an experienced team on hand, they are capable of shipping a variety of goods, giving you the very best level of customer care.

The main feature of BSB Transport’s flatbed trailers is that they have detachable ramps, allowing for smooth unloading and loading – removing the requirement for a special loading ramp. This makes BSB Transport very flexible, and easily able to adapt to your needs. The perfect solution for haulage of farming equipment and heavy goods/machinery.

Flatbed haulage is also a great option when you need to load or unload your goods using a crane, or where you have limited access. All drivers at BSB Transport are regularly trained, and several hold the Certificate of Professional Competence qualification. BSB Transport offer the facility for you to train the team of drivers, allowing them to load and unload your machinery themselves. This enables customer handovers to be carried out by an experienced logistics company. A complete door-to-door service that you can fully rely on. All of BSB Transport’s trailers and trucks both have tracking devices too, so you can be provided with information on the schedule of your delivery.

If you would like a quote for flatbed haulage, please contact us today and BSB Transport will be more than happy to assist.


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